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Wedding candy market in China has great potential

Wedding is a ceremony of civilization, even after thousands of years of evolution, but candy at weddings always irreplaceable, its market has great potential for development. Candy is not just unique to Chinese products, Western countries have "candy", and rapid development of their candy in. Westerners tend to prepare some small gifts for friends and family after the wedding dinner, similar to some in China, with candy or chocolate to share with all the sweetness of newlywed love.


Champ consulting food industry analysts say than regular candy, candy has market advantages, because Candy sales season is long. Ordinary candy consumption season is generally in the months before and after the Spring Festival, outside of 7, 8, 93 months, candy, all the rest is the peak season, which makes candy breaks through the ordinary candy seasonal restrictions. From the China market, wedding candy market potential is very large, local enterprises have been hovering over the big cake. Consumer market there are a lot of differences across different regions popular candy different varieties on the market, chocolates, Toffees, marshmallows and fudge and other candy package contents are likely to be new people's favorite.


Champ 2010-2013 issued the Advisory report shows China's candy market, candy sugar-meaning is not, and so packaging is the biggest selling candy. For a candy company to build a successful candy brands, must pay attention to packaging. In addition to outside the box, and also should pay attention to the special consumer characteristics. Candy companies to realize that candy different from candy, similar in characteristics to household appliances, namely, low frequency of consumption, but big-spending. A person normally only need to buy a sweet, but this one is in great demand, consumer spending will reach thousands of or tens of thousands of Yuan. Given this characteristic, candy production enterprise should pay attention to candy's marketing model, such as wedding or cooperative marketing Studio store is a good model.