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Crosstalk of Beijing Opera and other traditional techniques for wedding add charm

Our "dish baishou decoration" Cup 2011 most creative wedding contest since the inception of Tianjin enthusiastic response, many readers said that through this series, recognizes not only the wedding is a ceremony, but also a cultural presentation. Reporter learned that many wedding for "optical" technology using reflected the times of rapid social development, more valuable is, there are many new people in the traditional art into the wedding, to inherit and carry forward the traditional culture.


"before the wedding, I started a light mouth, said ling. Good couple newly married contentment and early birth of child, family harmony. "On October 22, the new MS Zhang Yong and Zhang Yan's wedding, crosstalk and festive atmosphere to a climax. Newcomer said, Xiang of Tianjin folk art, comic dialogues can increase local characteristics for the wedding. At Tanggu at a wedding, the couple invited several traditional folk artists, live shows and teaching of molded dough figurines, paper cutting, sugar painting techniques. Visual "art" new, exquisite paper-cut, vivid Dragon sugar painting, old master with deft hands and superb artistry to create a piece of art, guests of praise. At a wedding held in Zhuang's mansion, the scene has become a traditional holiday fair. Play upstairs actors in performances of Beijing Opera Farewell My Concubine of the elixir, playing drums in the garden, Yangge dance, stilt walking, playing roller lights, bustling, acrobats dressed as before Hall's "flying fairies" in the sky throwing flower petals and sweet.


wedding service industry association, Tianjin City, said Pan Shuhui, President, the wedding is a kind of folk culture, in the evolution of modern wedding in simplifying customs. Newcomers according to family preference and in the pursuit of traditional art into the wedding, make modern wedding glow with deep cultural brilliance, is worth promoting. Don't want a wedding cookie, form a new people, a hosted the traditional cultural wedding may be memorable.