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Wedding quotes to rise year by year development of Jiujiang stuck stuck

Have a romantic wedding is the wish of each prospective bride and groom. On October 27, the journalists visited some wedding companies and found in Jiujiang city, at present, the wedding business levels in Jiujiang city, wedding quotes, and prices from thousands of or tens of thousands of Yuan. Bride-to-be, Richie said: "life is just a wedding, romantic and who do not want to have scene? But trying to find a good price excellent service wedding company really hard, I don't know what to choose? ”


Choose MC? MC level difficult to determine


contacted a few wedding companies in the urban area. Almost every wedding company firstly claimed to provide various styles of fine wedding, hosted experience up to 7 or 8 years. "Experience the wedding now to make an appointment, as next year's ' 51 ', ' 11 ' that day, many experienced master of ceremonies was scheduled a long time ago. "A wedding company official told reporters.


MC's performance often determines the success of a wedding celebration. Liu said: "our ceremonies here in accordance with experience ranging from 300 yuan to 500 Yuan. We offer master of ceremonies hosted video and personal information on the final choice remains in the hands of customers. "But Richie says emcee is a very strong field operation, it is difficult to guarantee a high price with high quality service.


selected scene? Pomp and spend without limits


another wedding company head Zhang told reporters that the wedding effect see the personal spending power. "Not long ago, we received a wedding order in yuanzhou hotel, according to the needs of the guests, wedding arrangement with flowers is spent sixty thousand or seventy thousand Yuan, all from Jiujiang, Kunming by air. Ordinary working families certainly won't pay for marriage. Our wedding offer at least 1880, no Cap. "Mr Zhang says, customer needs are the starting point for their work, wedding spending option to all customers.


Choose Hotel? Bundled consumption less creative


in the interview process, the public was told reporters, now choose the wedding company determines to a large extent by the hotel. Now, many small wedding company in cooperation with hotel and bundles of wedding services, namely: Hotel wine, by the wedding company wedding service, if taken over by other wedding company, the hotel will take over the wedding company paying at least 200 Yuan, more than 2000 Yuan entrance fee.


"wedding service bundles are the same, there is no creativity. Sometimes they even the wedding arrangements are exactly the same, lots of customers dissatisfied. "A big wedding company official told reporters, their presence is not contracted hotels, quality guarantee to pay the entry fee, security deposit, and even have electricity. The money can only be paid by the customer. ”


wedding struggle into a hotel source of profit


in a sense, today wedding costs increasing hotels to charge entry fee there is a direct relationship. "A wedding company official said that it is unfair competition.


"If more and more customers are willing to pay the entry fee, and binding of the hotel wedding services, wedding company will be forced to have settled in the hotel, then the elevation entered the hotel, wedding hotels in the final result of the competition between the companies is profit. "Finally, the official said, there is an urgent need in a market regulatory bodies to stop the monopolistic practices of the hotel, Jiujiang will be normal and the wedding industry developing rapidly.