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Married boomers spawned thrift-wedding invitation electronic pop

For now, the "colour of love" are no longer rigidly traditional paper invitations, quietly popular electronic wedding invitations in young people ... ... Beautiful wedding, romantic music, can transform the background, send personalized, convenient ... ...


on October 28, the Lee morning has just opened a mailbox when they saw a friend sent a e-mail, opened it, turned out to be an electronic wedding invitations. " Mountain stream in the background of the invitation, from time to time there are dynamics of clouds drifting, with a passionate music, which was very moving. ”


interview with reporters at a wedding, when I met Wang gang of the wedding will be held on October 31, he told reporters, when you invite friends to a wedding, they take the form of electronic invitations, "I work for a technology company, are familiar with the electronic product, it produced an electronic invitation. Along with classmates and friends all over the country, sending paper invitations very inconvenient. If by QQ, email notifications, and hath all too simple and General, and then choose the electronic invitation cards this way. ”


on October 30, the Reporter log on Taobao found, many businesses have as a business making electronic invitations, hit the "e-invitations" search, there are 2,378 related baby. In one store, reporters saw the electronic invitation forms, personalized styles, such as plane tickets, bank passbook, invitations invitations, wedding locations are included in the traffic tips, romantic wedding photos and other information, can also add background music based on their own preferences, content and form are very lively. Design a price of 10 Yuan to 40 Yuan, animated electronic invitation prices higher, is about twice the General electronic invitations price to 3 times.


November is married, Mr Liu said he ordered electronic invitations 3 weeks from Taobao, cost only 30 yuan. "If Taobao merchants provide the better your choice invitation styles, pictures and other information, will soon be able to get the finished electronic invitations. "Mr Liu gave journalists an account: the traditional paper invitations to a 0.5 to 1 Yuan, gilt prices at 2 Yuan, calculated according to the issuance of 200 electronic invitations, if using a gilded invitation, spent about 400 Yuan, and electronic invitation card only 30 yuan. "More invitations, and also more economical and save paper, better for the environment. ”


reporters learned that love electronic wedding invitations like gang of young people, especially the "$literal", "after the", however, this new thing has also been challenging some traditional ideas.


"electronic version of the invitation is not formal enough, do not show the sincerity of the new" and "traditional photos, on the invitation of a couple's hand, you can also save, feels more memorable" ... ... At a press conference in the random survey, there are many middle-aged and older adults to the electronic invitation raised an objection. Wang has said, and instead of sending electronic invitations to all the guests who, for those not familiar with the Internet, parents and relatives, for insurance purposes, he chose traditional paper invitations, "too trendy approach elders could not accept. ”