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My wedding services to United States modes move closer

At present, international wedding industry development pattern most typical is the Japan model and the United States model.


Japan wedding: modular


Japan wedding mode is "modular". The couple before marriage, you only need to pick their preferred venue, dress, rings, etc. Japan professional wedding consultants, weddings are the most important selection of venues, wedding consultant usually in a different weddinghouse (Wedding Hall) or hotel banquet Department. The couple before marriage, first pick their favorite party venue, and then selecting the banquet menu. If both satisfied, would be confirmed. Then, banqueting venues wedding consultant and manpower-related matters, including the layout, photography, cameras, makeup and the host. In addition, each wedding venues have their own regular cooperation of florists, they tend to advance several floral programmes for the site. For most newcomers to, simply select a wedding package. And for a few budget or require higher guest, you will need to florists to personally communicate with the new, to confirm the end of the floral arrangement.


United States wedding: segmentation


United States wedding mode is "segmentation". Each city has several independent wedding planner, wedding venue, wedding catering and take-away food vendors, wedding photographer, wedding photographers, wedding band, cake shops, florists, lighting technicians, a theme wedding invitations shop and even specifically for the couple to teach wedding first dance dance classrooms and specialized teaching newcomers how to write unique font design company in the invitation.


United States newcomer before marriage, you need to fully understand the various types of suppliers, and then choose your favorite wedding venues, floral, catering, take-out, clergyman, photographer and cake, and so on. If the couple is too busy, or budget relatively abundant, will join a professional wedding planner to choose suppliers and arrange.


wedding mode, the status quo in China


recently, looking at wedding mode of first-tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and found that our wedding services to United States modes move closer to that "subdivision". After the breakdown of results, is the specialization.


as a wedding consultant, must think about how to enhance their core competitiveness. Current wedding consultant is responsible for a person from head to tail one size fits all model, specialization trends, will not last. Wedding consultants engaged in too many types of business, cannot improve, so will gradually lose its edge in the competition.


as wedding florists, and an urgent need to enhance the skills and ability to communicate. Some wedding companies, florists were hiding behind wedding consultants, wedding consultant of any programme, florists to implementation, and customer communication aspects have been omitted, but often fail to exercise the florists in the design of the initiative. With the development trend of segmentation, florists will face more and more customers, this requires the florists must have the communication skills, direct understanding of customer needs and demand for personalized designs.


the other hand, wedding florists also needs to enhance the comprehensive design capabilities, not just in floral, also need to understand knowledge of lighting, choreography. Thus, when communication and master of the lighting, choreography, using both floral and light effects to achieve the best.