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Winter wedding photography into the industry of Changchun cheap showmanship

With the approach of winter, wedding photography Museum of traffic into the off-season. Meanwhile, trends in wedding prices are falling. Yesterday, the official told reporters of a wedding photographers in Changchun, with the "remote location" the rise of local wedding photography the operation began presenting differentiation competition mode, but also to provide more consumer choice.


wedding photography into the off-season


it is understood that wedding photography is not called a seasonal industry, but in Changchun, it is difficult to achieve both of the two seasons of summer and, starting from September of each year to March of the following year, season of passenger traffic is less, as well as the traditional low season. Chongqing Road shopping area in a photo shop manager Ms Fung told reporters that during the high season a day how the wedding couple can accommodate more than 20, but now has been maintained at around three to bad, "it's cooler weather, outdoor has green view is not available, no special circumstances, the couple will be avoided this time. ”


wedding prices high season fall near 30%


traffic affected by seasonal changes and wedding photographers at winter time of the year, will cut shop offers a variety of package price, mid-range wedding prices currently on the market, for example, package price of around 4000 in the summer, the winter will drop to more than 3,000 yuan, cuts close to 30%.


von ladies said, due to location has not has can selected sex, Photography Museum only provides city simulation class scene, while, move can was as is make up photo scene missing of convenient way, however also in must degree Shang description, Changchun of wedding photography market in should season changes displayed out of insufficient, to attract more of consumers, price cut has is many wedding photography Museum of will selected of road.


"remote viewing" costs broken


"since last year," remote viewing "is gradually popular in the wedding photography industry in Changchun, was originally the southern part of the city of industry contact Northeast, complete wedding in a cooperative manner picture, but because consumers prefer local photographers in all regions, so the" remote viewing "is one side alone. "Big road, Ms Wang, the Manager of a wedding photography Museum, due to its need for a human and material protection, compared with local filming, prices often million Yuan.