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Rival North Qingdao wedding price wedding costs difficult to bear

Recently, the norm has been for the wedding banquet and the public around, running six or seven hotels, because of too high a price prohibitive. Coupled with the more expensive wedding, jewelry, wedding because of high cost headaches.


wedding banquet price rival North Canton


"our largest ballroom wedding season has been routed to the next October, and now at least a few star hotel are booked a year in advance. "Grand Regency Hotel banquet Department official told reporters," this book next year, minimum standards for a table of 10 persons wedding we are 4680, plus 15% service charge. ”


journalists visited the Island City Hotels found wedding lowest price five-star hotels in the city are more than 4600 Yuan, Super five-star hotel wedding prices are already close to 6000 Yuan per table, four-star hotel wedding prices slightly lower, 3000 to start, four star hotels or specialty Club not less than 2500 Yuan per table. However, even if the price is so high, 80% Hotel 2012 wedding season already full.


industry insiders said, domestic prices in nearly two years, in particular, increased labor costs are the main factors causing Hotel wedding book prices rising. "Now, wage increases may not be able to hire staff, the high cost of natural price. Besides, as long as there is a price, hotels will come up at the same level or grade is not the same. "A four star hotel operator said.


just married thank you yan Xu Qingyang huiqing pendulum in Beijing and thought thank you reception no ceremony is a dinner, and Qingdao side wedding banquet price is cheap. "But now, Beijing, Shanghai and Qingdao Hotel wedding prices, following four star hotels and some are even higher than Beijing, and a wedding just brought to more than more than 20 tables, wedding seventy thousand or eighty thousand are unable to play alone, was not married to rise again. "Hsu lamented.


wedding planning but not the best   but the most expensive


booked a wedding, followed by a new people will begin to consult items of wedding, especially book "four diamond". Reporters learned that the so-called "four diamond" refers to wedding services the most important ceremonies, videographers, photographers, makeup artists. Everyone would like to make your wedding perfect, experienced and level of "four diamond" are naturally very marketable.


"older people think children get married but a major event must be big, young men pursuing want their weddings to unique personality, so the wedding will have a market, and as long as you are willing to spend money, not unable to meet needs. "Qingdao wedding Association Vice President, said in Qingdao, the wedding day is only now setting a spending minimum to 3000 Yuan, makeup, master of ceremonies, such as" four diamond "price at 4000 to 6000 Yuan, wedding day, wedding car, lion dance, percussion ensembles, a salute to spend at least six thousand or seven thousand, a wedding down wedding costs are million.


interview with the reporter in the North crossing the road a wedding company, told Xinhua in order to meet the individual needs of present young people their company plan to host themed wedding, from early appointments to communicate ideas to the subsequent adjustment questionnaire link can be said to be courteous, attentive, but the asking price is not less than 20,000 yuan. Think creative, good wedding planning, one wedding seventy thousand or eighty thousand is very common.


both concepts have


"difficult place"


second half of the year, and circulating online an article entitled "2011 top ten cities in China take a wife cost list" posts, users have the thread around the Sun wedding costs.


due to the overall cost is more complex, in addition to houses and cars, wedding costs mainly on dowry, wedding, wedding, wedding photography, decoration, furniture, appliances, honeymoon and travel sections. After a user survey and interviews with some people in the industry, statistics current Qingdao wedding cost not less than 240,000 yuan, in the charts over Nanjing, in sixth place.


this figure, many young people expressed frustration, wishes they don't like from their own traditional baiyan married, not only to the economic burden on the family, and a year's lead time is also time-consuming, might as well use the money saved to go abroad easily worth. But on the other hand, at home in human society, and wedding gift customs of reciprocity have for many years, if you cancel before the wedding's wedding, "the ticket" couldn't catch back, more importantly most old people prefer spending posed wedding, also can not accept new ideas married youth travel.