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Marriage according to wedding day peak is not registered

Just this past October, autumn, feels like the whole city is in file, float salute? October was the most appropriate auspicious, yesterday, the Council a set of data is displayed to the public: in October this year, Ningbo the number of marriages, less than the average January-September the number of marriages over more than 240 pairs.


got married October annual lows


throughout October, the city is the taste of love. To register how many people? Haishu district marriage registry office Civil Affairs Bureau staff produced a set of statistics, in October this year there are 295 registered for marriage in the district, according to the number of seating, only in the former October 6th, much lower in September to 380. Jiangdong district marriage registry staff is also reflected in October this year to register the number of marriages is similar to weekdays.


it is understood that since 2008, the number of marriages registered in Ningbo has been "high" run, last year married city 52493, on average there are 4374 on a monthly basis. According to the municipal Bureau of statistics, in October this year, 3692 couples registered for marriage, compared with January-September this figure, 35414, averaging about 3935 on a monthly basis. In other words, this October, the Ningbo registration of marriage is not only far below last year's monthly average of the number of, but did not achieve this year's monthly average, "backward" 243.


wedding day are not statutory auspicious


"this year my cousin got married, celebrated in October, results for half a year in advance to book the hotel were unsuccessful. We went to several places, other good hotels are also similar. "Chen experience serving on foreign companies in Ningbo, a tide of their wedding in October, she said, went out over the weekend, the streets are all floats salute, imbued with the joy of a wedding. And the feeling of most people, too, and the real digital divide is very big, what's going on here?

"married, with two important ceremonies, is to register, the other is the wedding. People in October is high season for weddings, most of the time referring to the wedding. "The Civil Affairs Bureau of Social Affairs and the staff of the Social Welfare Department, told reporters that a Chinese wedding banquet, relatively speaking, value marriage more than registered day, everybody likes day 11 golden week, so elections in October wedding. October wedding Wang Chao, relatively speaking, was married a few months before people together to "Digest", which objectively resulted in October "City Weddings" feeling.


young people love to catch the "modern day" to get hitched


"today's young people are thinking about, we could not guess. "My daughter who lives in West Bay Road, pick a lucky day to get hitched, but was rejected. "Said I was too cliché, marriage is their young business, to ourselves this day to get married. "MOM says, and daughter pick day called her laugh or cry-November 11. "What does that mean? Daughter says ' singles ' just the wedding naked. "MOM says, shaking her head, she is increasingly not understand young people's ideas.


Haishu district marriage registry staff told reporters that the lot is married to generation now, 85 young people after they married and older generation likes to watch "yellow" custom of picking an auspicious day has a great deal of change, like some young people like modern day to get married. Like 2008-August 8, 2009 and on September 9, Haishu district because the two days of "blowout", when more than more than 600 couples registered for marriage, three or four times more than usual.


as said before not appropriate to married in the summer, there are "hot weed" argument, but today's young people seem to not care, in July this year 196 couples registered their marriage in the district, the highest in the last 5 years, in June, August and September are also two hundred or three hundred couples registered, not afraid at all, "thermal weed." In addition, special days such as Valentine's day, Chinese Valentine's day, also got married young modern day.


"coming on November 11, said century singles, but now we've got a lot of young people calls, are auspicious days of registration, have to make an appointment. "Haishu district marriage registry official said they expect will usher in peak of marriages on the day, is now beginning to decorate the day's work.