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Changchun wedding makeup artist, make a face of money income of nearly

Makeup, makeup, style transformation ... ... A free full do. Now, this is not the exclusive stars, brides can enjoy privileges. As the bride to "prestige projects" more attention to gradually favor wedding makeup artist. Recently, a reporter visited the market was informed that wedding makeup teams have grown in scale, their gold platform is anchored before the wedding company in the traditional manner, transfer to the Professional with the makeup of the team.


it is understood that in Changchun, a top wedding makeup artist to attend a wedding, about 1500 or so, in season, monthly income of million.


makeup price level is 5 times   can be divided into three


Pei Xiaohui is a senior Changchun with the makeup artist, graduated from North television overall image design professional, the practitioner is 7 years old. In 2009, she opened a Studio in Chongqing Road, provided with the makeup of the bride make-up service.


according to her, for now, Changchun price professional wedding makeup artist in the city is generally divided into three gears. Just starting out with makeup artist providing services in 300-400; the mid-range price of 800-1000 Yuan, senior makeup artist about 1200-1500 Yuan. If the couple around the wedding in Changchun, with the makeup artist can still provide full service, but the price will be floating around 20%.


same as with the makeup artist, different qualifications, differences in income disparities.


"makeup is a skill, and requires a good understanding and appreciation of art. "Introduce Pei Xiaohui, senior makeup artist has 6-8 years of experience, can acquire the customers ' skin condition and perfect makeup, and the present popular elements, therefore, build a decent makeup and styling easier, prices naturally a lot of money. In addition, the model number and matching accessories, use makeup brand level, price of indirectly with the makeup.


a month after an average 4


then, a high-wedding makeup artist a month can make a lot of money?


"the wedding is divided into morning and evening in Changchun. Early from the middle of the night three points about makeup, shape the night shift starting at five o'clock. "Pei Xiaohui said, generally, a makeup artist for a month after an average 4 work, average monthly income in 2000 with the makeup artist Yuan, senior makeup artist at 6000 Yuan. Meet the wedding season, revenues nearly doubled.


"If you have good days, some studios can take eight or nine live a day, sometimes short-handed to introduce peer. "With near Chongqing Road, head of makeup design studios introduced Lin Lin, senior makeup artist near million yuan in monthly income, however, this income has not peaked and does not rule out some of the stores in the market introduction of more expensive with the makeup of the project.


with the makeup team to gold in platform   started three or four years ago


as the teacher team growing wedding makeup, the former through the wedding company affiliated with the makeup artists to make money, gradually to form or join a professional with the makeup team to gold.


Lin Lin, 23 years old, 7 years ago, she worked as a Photo Studio makeup artist.


according to her, she had just entered the profession, with the makeup artist in this industry is initially active in Guangzhou, Shanghai and other big cities. At that time, Changchun new after the wedding photo studio took the shot and usually will receive a wedding makeup early, almost no makeup required. About three or four years ago, wedding makeup artist in the Changchun started to rise, and "hot". So, some Studio makeup artist or people first started seeing business opportunities, are affiliated with wedding company making "extra cash".


networks also play an active role


today, the Professional with the makeup of the team become a gold rush to the new platform.


"as with the makeup artist on the freedom of working hours and salary requirements, or when many people" own "formed with the makeup team without financing conditions, then joined the team operates. "Lin Lin said the wedding photo studio with the makeup artist if the entire process with the makeup, is bound to affect the in-store revenues wedding company using the same fixed mode of co-operation with the makeup artist, make for a fee. Affected by this, with the makeup of the new increasingly specialized teams come with the makeup artist, which also played an active role in network platform.


well-paid young students increase   selected with the makeup price 1000 Yuan/game are most common


"3 years ago, the entire process with the makeup game costs about 200 Yuan, mainly for bridal makeup. "Lin Lin says, and now, with the makeup of services extended to change the makeup, but also has introduced makeup groom, bridesmaids makeup, her mother-in-law, mother makeup makeup, etc. "The most intuitive feeling is, new to the makeup is more and more attention. Prices are gradually of their choice with a price of 1000 Yuan mostly. "Liberation road near the 15-year veteran told reporters Jiang Tianqi, head of a cosmetics company, now, gradually expanding the scope of the market with the makeup, wedding makeup is just part of her business, facial makeup of Beijing Opera, opera performances of the stage makeup has been welcomed by the market.


with the makeup artist position, working time flexible, lucrative, attracting a lot of young people of "eyeballs".


major heat


in an interview, the reporter met novice Nancy. Nancy told reporters that at present, she apprenticed with a modeling company. With the makeup artist was chosen this profession, on the one hand due to the beauty of nature girl, on the other hand is looking at with the makeup artist was considerable income.


in fact, as Nancy had a similar idea of a few people. Journalists the identity of customers to call a certain beauty training school, told Xinhua, beauty salons in the past accounted for a large proportion of the last two years, specialized learning make-up and image design of professional students increased gradually.


However, with the makeup artist strong liquidity, generally only a few enthusiasts can stick to the end. New trainees, nearly half of the rental fee, publicity, jewelry costs such as costs and years of study of this training, it is difficult to "own" and select the row.

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