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Bride and groom complaints run to turn yellow Wedding Photography Studio

Nice makeup, wear your wedding dress, was shooting at the wedding, bride gets run! groom unwilling "lost his wife and fold gold", ran to the consumers ' Association complained the Studio, said the bride was the Studio of "charges" gas-run, require Studio returned to take pictures. Studio was found after careful investigation of "clean hands"-turns out, at the wedding, the couple was estranged disputed, the bride suddenly decides: wedding photos, I do not shoot!


complaints: the guy called Studio charging gas to run the bride


on October 24, the Sujiatun district consumers ' Association to a boy, his name is little high, 65 years old. Kodaka said he was from Henan province, working in Shenyang. A few days ago, he and his fiancee in Sujiatun "huayuan" a Studio near the wedding. Photos, Photo Studio is the money put false eyelashes and your chest money, went mad with his fiancee. Now his wife is gone, wedding not filmed, so want studios to back him to shoot the wedding money, it comes to 2300 Yuan!


Association staff after receiving complaints, feel something strange: Studio fees to non-married bride was? that's never heard of. Subsequently, staff members feel free to contact the Studio, photo studio owner, photographer, makeup artist and then also came to the Association.


"fake eyelashes, placket, we are charging, but the bride was signed consent, how can you say that because we charge she ran?" Studio with all the documents to Gao and his fiancee consumption, which does have his fiancee's signature. This time, GAO had nothing to say, hung his head.


subsequently, the Association staff put aside separately, patience and communication, finally let him tell the truth. It turns out that bride escape, other motives behind it.


the truth: originally a couple dressing room spat to blame


yesterday, contacted Ms wedding photo studio boss. Zhang said on October 16, Gao and his fiancee came to the Studio, select out of the package and pay 500 Yuan deposit. 18th, they came to the Studio completed the full, twice a total of 2300 Yuan, and photographed the same day.


subsequently, the makeup artist give couple of makeup, change your dress, photographers set up the camera, just waiting for the happy young couple enters the stage and began to take pictures. Who knows, the photographers left, right, etc, is not out of the young couple in the locker room, there was a fight in the locker room. Subsequently, the surprising scene appeared: angry bride came out from the dressing room, took off my dress, change clothes, throw in a sentence "I don't shoot", then the door to walk, groom change clothes before she leave.


that afternoon, the Studio staff phoned to the bride and tells her want to can come at any time. But the bride says, their relationship went wrong, this wedding cannot take anymore, and that she had left Shenyang, back to their hometown in Henan province.


address: Studio cost deductions return 1500 Yuan


yesterday, the Sujiatun district consumers ' Association officials say Gao finally admitted quietly, the bride was not Studio gas to run. He and his fiancee are villagers, was from Henan province, but this match was his parents set, and he was not willing to. In the locker room, small high with her fiancee back home, Gao disagreed, two people arguing about it. So the bride decided, his back to Henan, wedding photos not taken.


"where the Association is indeed protect the consumers ' interests, but also to uphold fairness and justice. "Sujiatun district consumers ' Association officials say small high because his wife ran a bad mood is understandable, but the Studio did paid work, so returned to take pictures of money, is not reasonable. Following consultations and Photo Studio, studios agreed to deduct a deposit of 500 Yuan and 300 yuan of makeup, chest stickers, fake eyelashes, ampoules and other fees, returned to the small high 1500 Yuan. To this effect, GAO said.