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Wedding photography fashion insiders say market must be

Lijiang, Yunnan, on location, to the fragrant hills shooting leaves love ... ... Here called "shooting" is not a simple tourist taking pictures, but to let new people in a lifetime collection of wedding photography. This reporter has learned, into the end of the high season for weddings, Wedding couples more up, new indoor background no longer meet single people, but Chase far apart from each other's good scenery, this is the increasingly popular wedding travel.


according to press reports, wedding travel, Qingyuan city, emerging, travel is less involved in the business, with new agreements with the studios. Current well-known scenic spots in the province are the new people's choice, such as Sanya, Lijiang and Jiuzhaigou are some high-end consumer choice.


market   wedding photography into new products


reporters learned that Yao Ming and ye Li 2007 travel photography photo spread, wedding begins at home. The past two years, with generation new more and more emphasis on personality, wedding photography is no longer satisfied with cookie-cutter Interior photography. Initially launched offsite wedding photography studio in Qingyuan city, is only limited to famous attractions in the province, with the changes in consumer attitudes, "in these two years, willing to spend money outside the province, there are also some famous attractions couple. "Urban Studios official told reporters.


traditional wedding photography, tend to be Studio, an indoor Studio shooting or nearby park. This routine took out almost all of the photos are assembly-line, can't meet the preferences of young people.


"this tour and wedding photography together, with tourist routes on natural landscape in the background, photographic works, unique new wedding shoot, are increasingly attracting the young fashion. "A Studio official said.


it is understood that the yaomingyeli wedding photo source, Taihu Lake Siguniang mountain, Jiuzhaigou, unique scenery such as Lijiang, Yunnan tourism destination, has also become the choice of many new people to the wedding.


analysis of the industry, travel wedding photography concept single breakthrough in tourism, introducing new elements--photography, tourism gradually to the high end, the segment from the current development trends, travel wedding photography will be in the future an important tourism product.

trend   self-help groups like offsite wedding photos


"since we both love to travel and love established during the journey, so chose travel wedding wedding photos. First, we have a special meaning, the other is unconventional. "Friends" surrena "writes about his wedding photos.


getting married "surrena" lover in mind when considering the wedding whims, decided to go to Hainan. "Surrena" booked tickets one month in advance, and then contact a wedding photo studio in Sanya, hammered out the day to complete filming.


"we spent 10 days in Hainan, the wedding for 3 days, other times pure tourism. "" Surrena "introduction, contact your local Photo Studio to help them have a relatively cheap hotel, their total costs only 8000 Yuan. "Take a good set of photos in this city at least 5000 Yuan, we spend not much, also toured the Hainan. ”


and "surrena" almost public Mr Wei also completed a photo shoot while you travel. Last August, Mr Wei traveled to Lijiang and lover for more than a week, and take two days at a local photo studio shot wedding photos.


"our wedding of jade dragon snow mountain in the background, lashi Lake, the landscape is very special, caused a sensation in the friends and relatives. "Mr Wei said, Studio, and the popular choice compared to the surrounding urban environment as a wedding shoot, snowy mountains and grasslands of the lens makes their photos look different.


examples like this in Qingyuan, more and more, people on things they like to travel, play shoot the wedding will undoubtedly lure huge.


famous attractions in wedding locations preferred


"the traditional and well-known tourist attractions, now gathered a large number of visitors at the field to come to the wedding. "This guide, a travel agency recently said in an interview with reporters. According to him, during the wedding season, flying once a week can be found in the field in Hainan couple get together wedding. "New people in Qingyuan are more concentrated in Shenzhen, Jiangmen, Zhongshan, Huizhou and other attractions. ”


Xinhua learned from the Studio in the city, currently the Studio launched remote price generally around 6000, taken as a whole for two or three days, well-known tourist attractions of the province are included. "Customers must bear the cost of transportation and accommodation costs. "But they have a fixed partner of accommodation, hotel can offer its customers the best price possible.


outside attractions like Sanya, as a famous tourist destination, Sanya wedding dress travel business has become the city's Municipal Government to develop new initiatives in the tourism market. Sanya wedding market booming wedding photo studio, wedding company wedding agencies in the field have vied for Sanya, many lovers are flocking to the ends of the wedding, wedding or anniversary activities.

restricted   high cost of offsite filming technology is difficult


reporters learned from the many travel agencies, such products are often tailored according to the different requirements of the new, tours, photography style, even accommodations requested are subdivided. Because it is a one to one service, from the point of view of price, higher than the average tourist or General wedding photography, combined with the high technical requirements, which restrict the development of this new mode of travel. Current travel agent for this business "to move".


industry sources say, travel agencies is still consumption concerns problems at present. Some travel agencies said that many consumers want their wedding, but arrangements start at the same time more difficult. If individual travel costs are too expensive. Pure wedding honeymoon missions more difficult to gather together the number usually make sure that registration for the wedding couple with travel and special separate days for the wedding. Compared with the relatively simple mature honeymoon vacations, wedding photography tour product at present is not yet mature, the price is high. Wedding honeymoon, for example, usually in the 8-10 days, each of the tour between 40,000 to 60,000 yuan, including wedding photography costs around 20,000 yuan. In addition, wedding photography tour operation is relatively complex, so needs further training.


due to more manpower and material resources, wedding photography tour price is beyond doubt. From cost of angle consider, usually side tourism side took wedding of guest select from local with photographer out of does not more, more of is to tourism destination selected photography institutions, actually this class tourism products design of original just wants to to new people a compared fresh of experience, in journey in the completed himself of wedding, this and in local find a Studio shooting completely is two species different of feel, especially in romantic degree Shang. Therefore, speaking from the shot, only the viewfinder would be very special, very beautiful, but speaking from the photography and production level, not necessarily stronger than local Photo Studio.


in addition, travel agencies in the design of these products, are made by third parties, such as local inbound tour operators or local hotels contact wedding photo studio, also shot at these intermediate quality between commitment and there may be some bias.


Miss Zhang, said the public, on the understanding that the wedding photos until after the field photographed sites, herself a little, want to play here, according to the feeling must be very good. But after the novelty, after much thought, she chose a traditional wedding photograph. She said that choose not to go out to take photos for two reasons: first of all, prices are higher, the highest reaching tens of thousands of Yuan, to shoot a wedding cost tens of thousands of Yuan, well beyond the budget of its own and, secondly, don't know how Studio technology in the field, if not, you need to shoot, that's the problem.