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Generation photos popular self post master

Marriage is a big expense, furnish in addition to buying a House and catering, wedding is no small expense. To save costs, a growing number of generation start using software processing wedding photos. But it is a skill, help people deal with online photos has become a lucrative living.


only two hundred or three hundred Yuan, wedding PS succeed


recently, Fujian's Chen pig posted PS the wedding task, 2260 people "crowd". According to Miss CHAN, until the end of their marriage, because they want to save money, cannot take wedding photos at the beach, but the result was not as good as expected.


"right from the beginning, we didn't want to go to the Photo Studio wedding and want to own, which is more meaningful, you can also save money. "Miss Chen said, total of 10 photos, later also needs color, landscaping, design, matting, mosaics, these professional live they don't do.


Miss Chen accidentally see witkey websites can help with photos, will try it holding pig Web publishing tasks. Reporter pig network see, friends and witkey, Miss Chen is interested in publishing task, and a number of witkey upload process works.


"seeing these photos very surprising, feel very professional, even more than the Studio. "Miss Chen said that only two hundred or three hundred Yuan, to such effect that she is very satisfied. Reporters learned from the pig networks, such as Miss Chen collecting photos of friends on the Internet there are many, many generation.


parents wedding photos can also be reworked


not only new photos can be treated, their parents ' old photos can also be modified. A Netizen told reporters that parents take wedding photos have been very old when he was young, seeing online there are so many beautiful wedding pictures, he wanted to beautify the pictures and make parents happy.


reporters saw for processing outside of wedding photos, old photos, and old photos of many individuals, mainly renovation and photos to black and white coloring, and those of old photos tend to be more expensive.


it is understood that this wedding has become common on the Internet. Pig online, list about photo processing has exceeded 5,000, the turnover has reached 250,000 Yuan last year  . In other sites, such as network, Baidu website, and some technical advice, more enthusiastic users created tutorials.


However, there are also netizens who opposed views on this approach and believe that marriage only once in a lifetime, should formal wedding photo studio shooting themselves on the Internet, it's too trifling matter.