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Wedding photography season surge in complaints video full video

The saying goes, "ten gold and nine silver" wedding photography today is pretty, new people are hurrying to get together wedding photos in the crisp fall day. But heat is accompanied by wedding photography wedding photography the surge in consumer complaints. Reporters learned from the Xiamen siming district trade and Industry Bureau, the third quarter of this year, this wedding photography services to 12315 complaints admissible complaints has 99 daily average, 1.2, 26 compared with a year earlier, complaints increased by 3.8 times.


Photo Studio charges are not transparent prices, such as a photograph or video promises makeup free, checkout add fake eyelashes and other materials charge; propaganda and reality; poor film quality problems, was upset by new people.

Photo Studio offers rejected men participate?


Miss Zhang hexiang West Road, a wedding photography company, last month took a set of more than more than 4,000 wedding was offered during a "jewelry China Bell" ring free card, valid as of November 1. The 12th of this month, she went to the photo shop to get the ring, the clerk said, "send." Gift cards are still valid, how to say no without it? In the case of fruitless negotiation, she complained to the industry and Commerce 12315. Business staff mediation yesterday, Miss Zhang received a ring as a gift at the store.


Mr Wu's encounter even more outrageous. The middle of last month, his mingfa business square Studio participate in the store's lottery draw "Grand Prize". As stipulated in the advertisement, he enjoyed shooting 688 photography content for free, but earlier this month, when he came to the merchant store appointments while shooting, but businessmen told "men cannot participate in the event". Mr confused: the lottery does not indicate "except for men!" He angrily complained to the business sector. After mediation, businesses finally agreed to let its 688 Yuan discount packages.


wedding video with Studio "promo"


the end of September, Chen before his marriage, was made with a Studio wedding videos of oral agreements, and 2600 RMB 2000 Yuan in the total delivered price in advance down payment. A week after the wedding, he went to the Studio several times to receive video tapes and discs, but staff say that they are "too busy, haven't made good". On October 21, Mr Chan finally got the CD, home to play, only to find the bride and wedding videos is not only less Pan head, bride, tea and other important scenes, and nearly one-third content is Studio advertising. He angrily to Studio heads seek explanation, and asked them to provide a complete video or return of video, the answer is "not ready". Infuriated, Mr Chen called 12315 activist.

in their investigations, Commerce found that Studio camera operator in the video for Mr Chen because of errors, which occurred during the wedding video cassettes, resulting in incomplete video scene, causing irreparable damage to Mr Chen and his wife. After mediation, photo studio owner admitted his error and apologized to Chen and his wife. Because the video has provided many scenes irreversible, the Studio eventually returned to the video of Chen 2000 advances, Mr Chen and his wife damages and compensation 1000 Yuan.


online booking "goods"


Mr Hu bin road, September 18 in line to reserve a wedding photography wedding photography service, and pay a deposit of 500 Yuan, indicated to an online shop to pay late charges. On October 1, he went after the photographers to visit, find business site provides photos of the finished product and online publicity gap and clothing provided by the site is old and dirty. Mr fell, merchants returning the deposits and to pay damages. But businesses with "photos and reality there are always gaps" grounds, refuse to refund. Coordinating multiple times to no avail, he complained to the 12315. Business mediation yesterday, the businessman agreed to repay 500 Yuan.

"business reminders" photo consumption   installment


as of now, the city in the name of "photography" business 1011, siming district, 670. Because wedding photography the quality of employees varies greatly, and coupled with keen competition, business is often a loss of consumer interest to maximize profits. To do this, to remind consumers of the business sector, at the time of wedding photography consumer, pay attention to the following four points:


first, try to choose regular, large and reputable wedding photography company. Can compare the quality and preferences, selected merchants.


Second, shoot some film contracts, more Convention-related content, in particular sets out fees and charges, flowers, jewelry and makeup melt into volumes of photos and prices, if necessary, set outside our sample and film, also agreed in the contract in advance.


Thirdly, payment, try to choose installment to reduce potential losses.


four is to retain good promotional flyers, filming protocols, invoices and other relevant credentials, for after a dispute, as evidence of the rights.