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Chengdu will launch by the end of the wedding industry association car specifications

Chengdu police three branches he Jiang Ting gang group is a "tear off wedding car number plate stickers" micro-blog, recently caused a stir on the Internet. "Ruin" or "humane law enforcement", divided friends tie, the hotline of the Sichuan people engaged in heated discussions on the platform.


yesterday, the wedding industry in Chengdu said Meng Ting, President of the Association, although the car management difficulties, but the Association through the introduction of standard forms to promote industry self-regulation, avoiding car traffic violations.


police   response so totally did not expect


yesterday at about 10 o'clock in the morning, rain in hejiang Pavilion can't see past the crowd. "Because it is a working day, to ' love the Zebra ' little fleet marriage. "Three police station he Jiang Ting gang group, said Chengdu police.


half an hour later, a car convoy drove slowly from the Riverside road, blue-and-white plate stands.


couple with an umbrella walked rapidly "Zebra love". Journalists took the opportunity to talk about wedding car number plate decal, groom, Jiang said his odds, determined not to let stick, "still feels a bit ' earthy ', friends say, police do not let stick. "" Until now, Twitter users are also asked. "He Jiang Ting gang unit police sigh" I didn't know ", a micro-blog network buzz, many citizens realize that usually ignore the traffic laws and regulations," we will continue to focus on later found would continue to persuade. ”


  car specification, launched at the


"I know can't cover, are a wedding company......" on Saturday and Sunday in a two-day focus on the campaign, hejiang Pavilion police often hear the answer gang group, drivers are mostly links to florist wedding or bar-car.


this statement, in the wedding industry association, Meng Ting, Chengdu city, is only a "pretext". In his view, wedding cars-dye, and "eternal love" stickers are a tradition, but is not attached to the car or the hood of the car, the "wedding industry now has many ' irregulars ', part of the advertising company or flower shop, tied wedding cars to undertake the business. ”


Meng Ting said that in 2010, Association of wedding car shielding plate to communicate with Association members, but for a variety of reasons to be ineffective. "Cars were mostly relatives and friends of the couple's private car, some rental companies also offer fleet marriage services. "Meng Ting believes that car management difficulties. However, the Association is preparing for the wedding industry in Chengdu city on the management of car industry standards, and plan to launch later in the year.


netizens interactive   "humane law enforcement" should be increased


yesterday, an Internet hot spot focusing on "humanized law enforcement police", the hejiang Pavilion gang group "marriage is not punishment to correct and persuasive" stand, and also received support from users, that traffic police to correct illegal, give newcomers a certain amount of judgment, is the "humanization" of a reflection. In addition, users also puts forward a number of proposals, including "humane law enforcement" should be increased, traffic police can access and listen "the voice".


traffic police directions   the best wedding car line


micro blog then, hejiang Pavilion gang unit police often meet readers ' Advisory car route questions. He Jiang Ting gang group deliberately summed up several "best car route".


North Gate: hongxing road-da an-Dongfeng East Road, Yi、erhao bridge-bridge-fairy-Angel-hejiang Pavilion Bridge Street South North Bridge Street


South Gate: the inner circle (bin Jiang XI road, binjiang East Road)


East:-Shudu Avenue, East Main Street-East Gate bridge turn left


Simon:-Shudu Avenue East bridge-fairy-Angel North Bridge Street Bridge Street South.