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Star pirate wedding civilian price made market heat

Recently, the Ningbo each lease, sale wedding dress shop, fake celebrity wedding dress market is hot. But after star replica wedding dresses hot market, Ningbo wedding custom in recent years is the market hot.


customized Star replica wedding civilians


in late October, Coco's wedding news, wedding dresses cost about 110,000 yuan. While the price more than 100,000 stars wedding "civilians", in Ningbo, many wedding dress shops have been able to get.


"celebrity wedding dress styles, we can according to the bride's size to be tailor-made. Christine fan Qi, big s, Liu wedding styles we have done here. Price depends on the fabric, Coco's if you use an ordinary fabric, 1500 Yuan can do. "Beam Street, Haishu district, Ningbo, a bridal shop owner told Xinhua.


reporters later visited Ningbo more than the wedding dress shop, the clerk saying basically the same, as long as it took to wedding photos, replica can provide customized services. So-called counterpart, mainly fabrics are not the same, almost boasting style, custom time takes 1-1.5 month, basic 1500 starting price. If the fabric requirements are relatively high, the price will be even higher.


presumably because married star special this year, recently took photos to order wedding dress looked much more special, they mostly see the models on the network show or celebrity marriage photos, according to their styles to customize. Christine fan Qi that we had eight or nine months. "A bridal shop owner told Xinhua.


wedding dresses custom market hot


in the hot market of replica star wedding, wedding custom in recent years is the market hot. Denial of same, are important causes of brides favor custom wedding dresses. A large Wedding Hall in laowaitan ginger lady told reporters that wedding dresses custom business volume has increased every year.


"2006 when I opened the first Wedding Hall in Ningbo, chose a wedding dress custom couples rarely, only one or two orders a month. I had to also do wedding photography, not really hard to survive. Probably starting from 2009, Ningbo customized wedding market has suddenly been activated, and now close to 60 orders each month. ”


in addition to avoid hitting the shirts, "precious little" too many brides choose "buy" important reasons.


Lady years Ginger has married for the others remain bullish on wedding custom. Her account, now Ningbo brides at weddings there are 4 "outfit"-1 wedding, 2 dresses, 1 out of yarn. If rental costs about 10,000-15,000 yuan. If the custom 1-piece wedding dress, dress and go out yarn lease costs about 20,000 yuan, so many brides will choose to custom-made wedding dresses.