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Wedding notes: see certificate security

Wedding notes: see certificate security
Wedding notes: first look at whether member

wedding industry Committee of the China social work Association qualifications audit standards (c-class) (hereinafter referred to as the standard) in the: declare wedding planners, presenters, stylists and photographers, must be in the wedding industry Committee of the China social work Association members registered.

wedding industry Committee of the China social work association concerned noted that the national wedding industry Committee members joining on a voluntary principle, it only a management oversight role to the Member, Member of management and supervision of staff. we do not accept employees of the non-member for review. Now Beijing has begun to apply auditing, some practitioners have made qualification certificate.

so new people before choosing a wedding planning company, first to see whether it is wedding-the members of the Committee, only a member of wedding planners, presenters, stylists and the cameraman could have qualification certificates.

find wedding note two: planners are associate degree

wedding planner wedding is very important. Success of Wedding couples, distinctive, depends to a large extent, Planner. In the standard put forward higher requirements for wedding planners, declare their wedding planners must have a college education, two years of wedding experience.

find wedding Note III: hosted getting started at least 20

wedding facilitator are civil in nature, so the degree of inconvenience and higher requirements, but IX standard wedding presided over the specific numbers to the experience requirements. The provisions of the standard: wedding emcee must be engaged in the wedding professional for more than a year, and presided over wedding 2 o, excellent language skills, have a good wedding regulatory capacity.

in selecting wedding facilitator must be able to "fit" for the model. General Director's style is relatively fixed, so choose your very own host, rather than simply the pursuit of Director's reputation. Also note that new wedding hosts often communicate with their, often an excellent wedding facilitator is an excellent Planner, they need to communicate regularly with new people, so that it may be hosted during the wedding color.

find wedding note IV: styling video experience

the provisions of the standard: wedding makeup stylist must be engaged in bride over 20 daily or full-time job must be associated with the cosmetics industry, beauty care, cosmetics, color theory and understanding of fashion trends, and focus on wedding styling of popular trends.

wedding photographer wedding photography must be not less than one year, the whole wedding shoot less than 20 games, familiar with the wedding ceremony programs, master to use device performance, structure and operations. In the wedding scene with a certain degree of creativity and aesthetic sense, understand the basics of post-production, but also to be able to communicate well with customers.

to create a beautiful bride, wedding stylist is essential. Going to shoot a good wedding couple leave a good memory, wedding photographers job is a top priority. Only the rich experience in wedding styling and shooting, in order to guarantee the quality of services, an experienced cameraman knows what points should be taken, what details that need attention. So new people have to choose to experience rich, has a licensed stylist and photographer.

wedding note five: note the certificate validity period

wedding industry Committee of the China social work Association in China on the implementation of the licensing system set out in the notice:

certificate of qualification will be examined once a year, after examination by the Committee and the annual examination after the badge remains in force. Hit to remind newcomers in choosing a wedding planning company, wedding planners, presenters, stylists and photographers time, must pay attention to their practising certificates, to check the validity of the certificate  .