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Several problems related to wedding shoot

Several problems related to wedding shoot
Q: how to select a wedding photography and video?

a: in addition to professional quality, it is more important to have a wealth of experience in wedding shooting! the whole wedding, the couple will appear on various occasions, location, movement speed changes constantly converting, impossible to repeat all of the links and the wedding day, only experienced users can find the best shooting angle, keenly under the best, most moving moment!

Q: the wedding shoot typically take a few photographs and films?

a: If you have money, are willing to spend money hand over fist at the wedding, a full-service equipment rental station to it anyway. But after all, we are not the Tony He Jialing, for the average wedding, want more comprehensive records, best equipped with 2 photographers and 2 cameras, 1 group with the groom, group 1 with the bride, camera can be a big scene with another close-range and details, post production wedding album and DVD material will also be enriched.

Q: Studio and wedding company wedding shoot, which one is better?

a: a lot of Photo Studio, wedding photography studio and wedding company wedding services are provided. Studio and wedding photography studio on the price relative is more dominant, and often accompanied by wedding related services such as leasing, with the makeup, promotions and other activities, then encountered more exciting. More about wedding wedding company supplied with the processes and venues, with more understanding with the wedding service. However, cheap choice not just for the sake, the most important thing is to see they take before work, shooting the quality, style, this is the most direct and convincing!

Q: wedding day shoot would take how many pictures?

a: from the bride to the wedding in the evening in the morning, usually photographs must have around 300. If wedding pomp is relatively large, photos will be more. In addition, some new people in order to make the most perfect wedding memories, also hope that photographers will empty view, detail of the site layout, all the makeup trailer in preparation are also recorded, thousands below, too. Some photographers in order to leave room for the selection of films in the late will also take some. Of course, you can get and make good photos should be not so much. Moreover, the number is not the most important, whether recording wonderful moments is the key!

Q: communicating with the wedding in advance do you really need? when communication needs to pay attention to what issues?

a: very necessary! photography photographer a clear understanding of your personality and temperament, style wedding know you want records to ensure that you will not be disappointed when you see photos and DV. In addition, on the day of the shooting time, charges to hammered out in advance, and late selection, repair of quantity, time and the making of DVD, Flash and other cycle, avoid the day filming late timeouts or increase consumption and so on.  

Q: what is necessary to shoot the wedding moment?

a,: married part: bride makeup, and groom door jieqin, and looking for married shoes, and wear married shoes, and new into married car, and jieqin team; wedding ceremony part: admission, and married ceremony, and made vows, and Exchange ring, and soulful embracing, and Kiss, and mutual gift gift; married banquet part: cut cake, and pour champagne Tower, and points candle, and throwing holding spent; new close-up: two people led with of hand, and eye of eyes, and bride wear wedding of photos, and show married ring of photos,; souvenir photo: elders, and relatives, and focus guests, and special guest, With photo of this person is essential; site layout: Hall appearance, welcoming, venue decoration of flowers, hand-made goods (ring pillow etc).

Q: the wedding rehearsal is required, please?

a: If you don't want to fall out on the wedding day, be sure to make the rehearsal, and preferably with a photographer familiar with the site. This way you can avoid you as unfamiliar with the scene in wedding day falls and other accidents, better able to let the photographer know venue lighting situations, and find the best shooting angle, understanding of the wedding process, and to be aware of several important scenes to shot. In addition, the rehearsal was not as formal as the wedding day and the lively, some relaxed, funny DV trailer is a very good idea, Oh!

Q: rarely in front of the camera, the wedding day should face stiff do?

a,: may wish to "narcissism" about, prior on with mirror practice about expression's! most people are not models origin, stands Shi of manners and posture is usually often easy ignored of, so may wish to more and photographer comment about, those experience rich of photography camera Division will help you found you looks most beautiful of shooting angle, also will taught to you some wedding day shooting of note matters, help you elimination tension mood. However, confidence is most important!

Q: the wedding shoot except photography preparation, the couple also needs to pay attention to what?

a,: regardless of bride also is groom are to do skin maintenance, if wedding day face Shang out obviously of acne acne not looks Oh! also, bride aspects especially to note day of makeup and hairstyles, although hairstyles mess has can through late PS for patch, but natural of beautiful is is more was memorable Oh! do has above these, left of is keep good of mentality, meet himself life in the most important of moments's!

Q: friends understand photography, equipment is also very professional, would not have specifically requested the wedding shoot, right?

a: the wedding is also a physical job, when other friends and family were immersed in a romantic wedding ceremony, all while enjoying a delicious meal, the friend will be busy busy, very hard! how do owe under the? whether it is red or is invited to dinner, costs may not be spending too much. And friends, after all, is a professional, if result is not satisfactory or have any slip-ups, it is easy to end up with you, you hurt the feelings of annoyance and regret the next oh! so, recommend that wedding took to the professional photographer, friends might be responsible for free to capture some of the wedding trailer, not even better?