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Wedding chair selection strategy must not only look at DV

Wedding chair selection strategy must not only look at DV
Myth # 1 good friend MC

many couples like to choose your own friends to do wedding ceremonies, understanding and enthusiasm for friends on their own, believes he will be in the wedding day as you successfully complete the "MC" corner. We may believe his zeal, believing his friendship, believe in his sincerity, but this does not mean that we can trust in his grip for a wedding. If a friend has actually presided over gift, then at least be with him to trust wedding company consulting, expert training. For you who married only once, it is best not to take the risk.

Myth 2 celebrity master of ceremonies

unless he or she is "wedding" aspects of the masters, or the so-called "famous" may not be able to bring benefits to your wedding. If he/she is presided over "name mouth", often with too strong of presided over style, let people feel is field "fully art party"; If is movie actor, and singer,, often will put wedding made "Davids deer"; if he very has fame, that more is you wedding of "big bogey", you of glory completely into in he of glory in, eventually you himself also cannot figure out, guest is view you of, also is view he of, dang wedding Shang, you suspected cheers sound is to you of also is to he of when, will, you cool did? second, fame more big , More to communication, ordered not said, left you of time more less, you but first times married, and basic only knot this once, he bad good prepared, research planning about, is, you of wedding site can NG did? last, often heard star in wedding Shang fail Oh, you can to Forum Shang read read post, as jokes poor others of unfortunately also is wants to leads into himself? also, mention is, Star do you of MC, please you of pouch also first "Star" up.


first phase you have to master of ceremonies

1 sound pronunciation

ceremonies can look beautiful, but sound must be sufficiently attractive. Male MC's voice is deep and there is tension, female emcee voice soft and sexy. When communicating with MC, as far as possible in Mandarin with his (her) communication, listening to his (her) voice giving comfortable feeling while listening to his (her) enough standard of Putonghua, articulation is not clear enough.

2 see live performance

don't just stay on and master of ceremonies on the talk, there is no true time on site to see. If possible, please give you your master of ceremonies and see him (her) on site. Saying "light said not practice fake spout", see MC in site, is reaction flexible, can according to site situation to mobilization guest of enthusiasm, MC has no capacity control whole wedding site, to site see had on a accounts has, so has but most people also is see wedding company or MC I provides of site DV, but DV is after clip of, does not necessarily can reaction site of atmosphere and actual of effect, can towards words, also is towards see site's.

3 consultation process design

weddings can be smoothly on the day of the wedding process design is another critical factor. A MC professional enough look in his (her) whether you design the wedding process in line with the objective environment and could very well take the whole ceremony. Not in the course of the ceremony, because of some poorly designed for the couple onstage and up; also adapted hotels in objective conditions create relatively warm atmosphere of the ceremony. These you can meet with the master of ceremonies of the Exchange process, seen in the MC I gave you the site description.


selected emcee, fit is the best

many couples on their wedding has many good things, after all, that is a once in a lifetime thing in life. At this time most pleasant memories to last a lifetime, naturally has many wedding services and wedding service companies, hotels and other cooperation. And master of ceremonies, was the wedding day the core of a character, is the soul of the whole wedding. Before we discuss how to choose a wedding, you should first identify a concept, it is no best MC in the world, only the most suitable for their own ceremonies.

selected emcee

1 do not to the disc selected MC

read CDs or watch pictures tend to yourself into mistakes, it is best to talk face to face. General MC Chair needs to have an object on the stage, and every guest levels also vary, so the same host, style is varied in different occasions.

2 see DV's trick is to look at the whole wedding opening

wedding process changes most of the patterns are now appears in the opening, and the opening is only possible without a camera operator part of the clip. So, whether it is suitable for your wedding, look at his (her) DV knew at the beginning.

3 a good MC, Rob!

married new year, makeup for dinner have to book a year in advance, good master of ceremonies orders into one year later, so be sure to enter into a written contract, at the earliest possible time, the first time "stolen" their satisfaction with the master of ceremonies. If the agreement is signed with the wedding company, also should be added to article alternative MC or MC provisional not hosted solution or kongkouwuping Oh!