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Using wedding wedding car pay attention to correct

Using wedding wedding car pay attention to correct
Selection of wedding car pay attention

modern wedding fashion, wedding car is overlooked. In General, married main vehicles in the fleet from 8. On the bride's head to grades of fancy cars and are generally longer, Cadillac, Lincoln, or Mercedes-Benz. Problem is, these cars are suitable for any couple right? of course not, from a Feng Shui perspective, adapted to different people in different cars, needs to be based on the five elements of consideration. For example, American car the five elements of gold, Germany five line of fire, Japan five elements are wood, Chinese five elements are Earth, some European cars element is water. Therefore, when choosing a car, the first thing to consider is the bride and groom car corresponds to the five elements of country.

wedding car colour is fastidious

choose what kind of flower colors? someone may think that it should be all good. In fact, Dr Cheng tell you that color Feng Shui, sees the car as a life, we can follow the Chinese tradition of acting and Numerology for the distinction between car color elements. For example: color is usually white, milky white cars for gold; color is green, green, green cars for wood colors are black, blue cars for water color is red and purple cars for fire; color is yellow, the yellow car. Different Numerology five person should select the colors of the five elements.

to harmony side, if groom bride can in selected wedding with car of country and color Shang five consistent, that natural better; but often not consistent, like groom five is gold, and bride is water, so, can care groom five is gold selected United States car added long of Cadillac, and in car of color selected Shang, care bride of five is water, selected black of Cadillac, such, two people five are can both.

wedding car route about

wedding car choice Feng Shui line is quite exquisite. To avoid along the way there are hospitals, temples, churches, government agencies, power lines, tall smokestacks, and all kinds of serious result. A true story, a friend of the wedding car line by a hospital, as a result, very unfortunately, even video into a hearse taken, results shortly after the marriage the bride went to the hospital, until finally meet Marx. Beijing's friends may know that when couples married last year after a male three-loop, stuck, sitting in the second both father-in-law got out of the car to see, but unexpectedly gets suddenly reversed into the car, died on the spot. Wedding into a funeral. People found near the scene of the accident was a serious pair of scissors and a gun, was wrong.

wedding convoy attention

wedding convoy as a whole cannot be 13 or 14 in number. Models will avoid Santana, Pashat, Chevrolet, Buick and other. For example, vehicle is Mercedes-Benz. Finally with a Santana, even is "funeral" and the Pashat on "funeral", Chevrolet in front of the cross, the Buick "grams", and so on. Even more incredible is that the master said after the bride and groom get a car name "single", because there are accents, complain of "funeral", and bad luck for the whole year the terror.  

new car pay attention

judging from the Feng Shui. Also pay attention to personnel got out of the car order. Bride and groom with a right and left to sit in wedding car rear seat, best man sat in the co-pilot position, a pledge when they reach the wedding venue, first of all, is the best man to get off from the round to the left rear door of the car door for the groom, bride and groom back further from the front around to the right for the door, and help the bride get off. This is based on the "left Green Dragon, Tiger on the right side" of Feng Shui considerations, cannot be reversed.

video about wedding car trips

camera car in front, best is to avoid shooting and festive tune "blot" screen, or accidentally, is likely to lead to a lot of new trouble in the future.

wedding car to pay attention to pictures of King

many newcomers, like the wedding car for the background of your photos will be placed or hung up. In fact, this is wrong, you do not know how many people use car, had many stories, and is likely to cause discomfort to the world. Best is to take their wedding photos on the nightstand, bedside represents Hill, Hill on behalf of group d, to representatives of mountain water, wedding picture on the nightstand on behalf of couple have a good love life. Wedding in the mountains, money on behalf of the two men have a lot to do with entanglement, but it also means good things on behalf of two people deeply feeling. Wedding photo cannot be placed in the right side of the bed, said geomancy right for "the White Tiger", this will be bad for marriage. Wedding photos should be put in the bed on the left that is "Green Dragon", and can make them marriage luck to obtain blessings and happiness.

wedding car and day

date and do not just consider this day the day well, but to consider whether this day and your animal sign is red. You are sheep and you selected this one just sheep, so is not suitable for your car. Time also matters, in the North, and is usually the morning trip, wedding banquet held at noon, in the afternoon travel South, the wedding night. It can't be wrong, or southern boy happily do a wedding in Guangzhou, came to Beijing after the bride's family has gone through a wedding reception. Only at noon, at night, others when you are married.