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Before the wedding and the wedding host communication

Before the wedding and the wedding host communication
First, newcomers need to be introduced to the wedding

1, wanting to put his basic situation, parents ' names and attendance into the wedding guest list a program, such as: name, company, position, grade, rank, told the host, also introduced the number of wedding guests age and culture. (Host can use these elements to regulate the atmosphere of the wedding)

2, and new to proposed for wedding of basic requirements, like: on wedding of atmosphere requirements, is solemn elegant some, also is joy funny some, also is both are has? on wedding ceremony length of time requirements, wedding ceremony qualified in more long time? is 30 points, and 40 points, and 50 points also is more long? you of wedding ceremony is several paragraph type of? is what form of wedding? candle, and lawn, and Chinese, and fashion, and also is General wedding?

3, the couple would also like to introduce key to express your feelings in a wedding ceremony where? where should highlight? which reflect the personality of your wedding place? what did you yourself special link?

4, the couple wedding ceremony start time section, whether jieqin? invitation has been sent, and so on.

Second, wedding host should be to introduce new wedding

1, the host according to the characteristics of the couple and guests to plan the wedding.

2, the facilitator will introduce for new features of the wedding process, wanting to make records and ask you want to host the logical relationships between the wedding process, because you only know the meaning of these rituals before they can better cope with the Director's work.

3, host describe in detail every aspect of meaning in the wedding ceremony, and in line with each link, new actions should pay attention to what you are doing, which, combined with photographic and video.

4, the hosts tend to be provided a list of items that you need from the wedding ceremony, new people to prepare. In accordance with the contract, to the host.

5, host to his wedding day he arrived at the wedding scene of the time, and carried the wedding music CDs.

6, newcomers and the facilitator to keep in touch, communicate problems pending solution.

special recommendation: couples should communicate as early as possible with the wedding hosts met to plan the wedding. In this way, newcomers will have plenty of time to prepare for their wedding, meet time 1-2 months before the wedding.

1, in love have a memorable short story or episode, and even a few plain words.

2, guests or there is no need to show their own content.

3, while others are wedding attended by those links are you bored, those you prefer.

4, the parent has any special requirements for your wedding.

5, there are no particularly like or have you moved to the music.

6, guests, and what are the "characters" whether it requires special arrangements.

7, clothing and master of ceremonies of the new dress code.

8, the hotel's hardware conditions, mainly refers to the audio equipment, if it is not good to be prepared for.