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Perfect wedding photography how to create?

Perfect wedding photography how to create?
1Q: knew the photographer plays a very important role in your wedding, then from where do I find a suitable, experienced photographers?

a: you can ask some of the newly married friends, ask them to recommend you. Comparison found the photographer will often use this method is satisfactory. All you have to do is, before you make a decision, take a look at your friend's wedding album, find what you like and don't like and instantly, after communication with the photographer. If there is no friends can provide good recommendations. Advice wedding planning professionals (wedding planner, flower vendors, and so on), and ask them to provide you with some suggestions.

2Q: I don't want their wedding photos as straightforward as a newspaper news picture. So how do you find your own photographic style?

a: every wedding photography should carefully design and layout. All photos should be of the same style, such as traditional, stylish, or romantic. Each photo should be taken according to this style, each ready to fit position should also follow this style to style. Determines the style in the first place is, first talk to your fiance about both of you like the style, and come to an agreement. And advice of the wedding planner and photographer, and then set your shooting style.

3Q: I have come across a few photographers, each bit is a fast talker. How do you know their true level?

a: every photographer wants new people have a good impression on them, so they will try to pick the best pictures for you to see, some will steal other photographers photography use. So, don't just look at the photographer's representative selections. You should ask to see at least a full collection of wedding – all of the photos taken by the photographer at a wedding. Again and again, you should see all of the pictures he had taken, not just his chosen to show you those pictures, so you can have a more accurate grasp on his level.

4Q: I think for wedding photography the wedding photos to add some special effects, such as borders, shadows, mirrors, etc. But these effects plus wrong is easy to make photos look tacky, how can we find to do special effects photography master?

a: many photographers are skilled in special photographic technique or technique such as hand-colored, infrared photography, black and white or sepia photos, these unique effects will make your album unique. Wants to avoid effects self-defeating, first to observation photographer of clothing dress or work room of environment layout, these are representative has this photographer of grade; second, see he original of effects works whether meet you of idea; last told he you wedding of details, listening to listening to he on in this wedding Shang photography of idea and recommends, such you on will on he has a compared full of awareness has.