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Considerations for wedding supplies in preparation

Considerations for wedding supplies in preparation
A macro

includes new homes, renovations, furniture, daily necessities, ornaments and so on;

Second, micro-

1, smoking, alcohol, sugar, seeds, beverage on demand purchases. Wines of note include fleet drivers, the couple required for wedding toasts. Candy, seed considering returning to individual friends and relatives after the wedding, and so on. Summer may also be prepared for some beer and so on;

2, camera Flash, film, batteries, while non-commercial video services (some friends) to consider video, video lights, and so on, depending on the grade of wedding, the scale of procurement as required. Businesses need camera equipment photographers bring their own video services. Wedding proposal reputation good commercial photographer. Film typically takes 8 to 16 volumes (digital). A camera also must prepare at least four volumes, two slots for a photographer and two cameramen as well.

3, and color barrels   color barrels is divided into color spent (also called spray spent), and color snow (snow), and color article (ribbons), purchase Shi note selected which species, not recommends selected snow (is spray snow, some girls was spray to skin Shang Hou will has different degree allergy), to color spent, and color article mainly, color snow supplement, also to note cover of color, General cover what color, spray out of spent is what color, so to more select red and note color match. Color barrels to note purchase formal manufacturers of products, guarantee celebration quality, usually to check color barrels food Shang whether has factory name, and site, and phone, don't buy three no products, color barrels depending on wedding grade, and scale by need procurement, general need 16 to 60 barrels, to 30 barrels for cases: 12 barrels color spent, and 12 barrels color article, and 6 barrels color snow such of color number match for best;

4, and balloon   Concierge gun   small balloon 300 to 600 a, big balloon 100 a around; small balloon in wedding day night blow up, don't ahead of blow, prevent deflation, then with red tied into series, 20 to 40 a a series, balloon main up alternative firecrackers of role, big balloon for decorative wedding site and children took with lively, Concierge gun recommends size are to purchase, big of in outdoor using, small of in indoor using, to purchase formal manufacturers production of celebration Concierge gun, Depending on the grade, size and economic conditions of the wedding purchase, generally 16 to 20 pieces. For the purchase of 16 root, for example: 80 to 100 cm big salute 8, small salute 8 30 to 40 cm, such as Concierge gun color barrel, better to seek professional (such as the master of ceremonies), purchase, so as not to buy counterfeit products, affect the celebration of effects;

5, and dress, and wedding keepsake, and wedding message, and wedding vows, new dress about miles new, so shirt, and underwear, and shoes, and socks, and belt, and tie, and led clip, and accessories, are to consider; bride dress at least two body (wedding and toast clothing), also can prepared three body dress; groom suit to note in wedding Qian put trademark split Xia, and Pocket apart mouth,; wedding keepsake common of is married ring, also has each other for other prepared a copies has Memorial meaning of married Qian confidential of gift wedding photogenic gift, and let other guess a guess ; Wedding vows to each other be provided or master of ceremonies, can also use each other's tone prepared her wedding vows, wedding wraps before, please read the wedding, this is very interesting;

6, and corsage, and hand holding spent, and capitatum, and wrist spent, and fresh petals, wearing corsage of people has groom, and bride, both parents, witnesses, and marries people, groomsmen, and bridesmaid, MC, and VIP and so on, corresponding prepared, hand holding spent a beam, by groom received bride Shi offer, capitatum, and wrist spent refers to bride Pan head, and wrist by with of flowers, General by Lily, and ocean blue, composition, flowers flap refers to red rose petals, number more, in wedding day home married, and celebration Shi dispersal;

size 7, messages, invitations, red, red, wedding, xilian, agenda, red cloth, bag (driver Feng Li), assembling and candy bags, rubber, used to wear a corsage pin;

8, heighten the atmosphere of the wedding required props, such as: wedding backgrounds, sound, music, CDs, flowers, Rainbows, red carpet, performing arts, festive candle with banquets, banners, bands, release the birds butterflies and so on.