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Pick wedding company should pay attention to the North's six problems

Pick wedding company should pay attention to the North's six problems
1, background issues

background is a fill in the money pit, because at the time of signing the contract price only background, no background what is included, so the price's background is just a piece of cloth and yarn, wedding company boss is very "loyal", says free wedding cards (the price of this should be in the background, right?). Want to decorative lighting it? more money (a string of lights 100 m) wants to add some decoration in the background? add the money, according to the wedding said, money she can't do a thing.

2, flower arrangement

spent door, and spent Pavilion actual with pictures not as: with wedding of contract Shang only signed has spent door, and scape also has price, is are reflected not out style, bride at fear wedding to she lane of is half spent door, also deliberately in married Qian find has trip wedding, refers to with pictures said to that full fake spent door, wedding also promised said no problem, results wedding also is to took of that bride most didn't want to to of half fake spent door...... Scape, the lot of poor, no exaggeration to say that, the bride died of heart ... ...

3, car problems

with good friends and have a few home wedding cars, lengthen Lincoln team is basically 5500 Yuan, later set a includes floral 5500 drops, the bride is still very satisfied with the drop. Problem in the following things when we're looking for Beijing wedding company, somebody else's engaged to ask us for the price, we tell her, wedding company told us we ordered expensive, set 2500 Yuan from her home, and wow, the price is too tempting. The wedding also kept advised us to set her team back home, we are lazy not to retreat, the facts prove that we made the right choice, and careful about people 2500 car prices, car plus 500 Yuan, head floral decoration together with 500 Yuan, down as a whole is not cheap at all.

4, photo and video problems

wedding wedding photography offer feels good, ask price 1600 Yuan only double seat, not expensive set, finally, to know, do you want to see? Add 400 post-production can do ... ... 1600 Yuan Tao, no that's not what you ... ... Later encounters such a problem be sure to ask clearly before signing.

If photography, taking pictures and none of the works himself, really annoying, don't know wedding is where to find people looking at how amateur it? then I want to see what brides, others said he did not know the bride throw the results where. It had horrible.

change 5, makeup artist

recommendation of the wedding for the bride kept their Chief makeup artist, also look at her work, whether it is seen or heard, you called a heartbeat. But contract Shang only wrote has makeup Division of price, no makeup Division of name, later listening to bride said, to she makeup of fundamental on not wedding with she said of that people (even name are not), is wedding from school find of a learn makeup of students, students is matter, craft good also into Ah, of have General not said, married day headdress off has two back......

6, available for free, you'd better be sure

in set flowers road introduction of when, do spent of promised sent bride a big bag of flowers petals, guarantee wedding site enough, volume Shang does is enough has, but a big bag full is white of petals, on numbered of several tablets light pink of petals, concept compared old of we also really accept can't, wants to for red of, but family said "now are what era has, early not popular sub red of petals has, say has petals is white sent you of, you also didn't said to what color of Ah"...... Speechless.