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Church Wedding couples learn to pick wedding florists

Church Wedding couples learn to pick wedding florists
Attention in selecting florists:

floral designer 1, see whether there are foreign institutions, such as: the Netherlands, and Germany and Japan certificates State floral authority.

2, professional floral designer for a-star hotel services, by placing flowers in the hotel, you can understand his design capabilities.

3, his floral design is fashion? are often involved in some type of activity, as international well-known brand launches or store do flower design?

4, see floral designers to show you pictures of the picture to confirm that he is not a remake.

wedding flowers layout 5, if he did? if you have recently done by him wedding flower design, you can go around it.

6, see the florists wedding style is right for you, if not, although he promised to carry out technical changes, but the style was changed by a professional who is at risk, usually hard to be perfect.

7, asking him all the flowers in preparation for a wedding, how many assistants, whether you decorate now before the wedding.

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