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Reception send-off song see a visitor out to avoid embarrassment to make your wedding more perfect

Many people at the time of the wedding will find the wedding has been very successful, but exits moments feels less content to our guests. New all rituals are very perfect, sometimes have to leave earlier, but the couple did not respect the wine, then stepped forward to say goodbye is very inappropriate, but waiting for the new initiative to toast you need to spend a lot of time, so each time a person left in silence. The guests stood there wanted to come forward to say goodbye but I'm sorry to bother, while rookie if interrupted toasts or simply do not see also seem rude.

there are plenty of new concerns, see ceremonies do not have arranged the whole wedding process, because, according to the custom of Shaoxing, take turns on the table toasts, in the case of many guests, toast alone takes a very long time, so see a visitor out to join the ceremony a little unrealistic.

a visitor ceremony required clever arrangement

reporter in a wedding company understand to, currently new of wedding increasingly advocate Western of, some even do of is theme wedding, in married banquet in the, many new began shortened toast time, and put plays put in has wedding of planning activities in the, is because has has remaining time, nowadays part new only began consider reference Western wedding in the of some custom, put visitor ceremony joined to whole wedding in the.

Planning Division think, most of wedding in the, rarely see has visitor ceremony, most new also in toast of when, guests has began exit has, but from this year first half of began, part Shaoxing new began attempts to in married banquet in the joined visitor ceremony, General by wedding company arrangements professional of visitor music, in music sound up of when, by MC or is both parents Mr visitor, and pair new in for good visitor dress Hou, waiting in banquet office door, waiting for visitor.

wedding send off: the


reason: Nat King Cole golden oldies night atmosphere is equally memorable.

2. of the time to say goodbye Sarah brightm

reason: imposing and elegant Grand, mobilize the wedding end of atmosphere

3.You are song

reason: one of the most charismatic Jazz repertoire, let a person leave a memory of melody. After orgasm was ending. In such a beautiful melody, successfully under full stop for your party, wedding, wonderful memories with the music stopped.