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Winter wedding personalized wedding planning how to build?

Russia's Royal style

near the North Pole Russia is synonymous with lavish dazzle of the Royal family, decorated with saturated red or purple gold-tone candle wedding, you can render out as extraordinary temperament. And dazzling atmosphere, decorated with jeweled napkin rings, filled with Red Rose Bowl and the unique taste of vodka and caviar to create it! of course, banquet at the end if we can drive the most classic horse-drawn sleigh in the film Doctor Zhivago, and will also give you more cheers and best wishes!

the lush Cypress tones

winter weddings as well as lush green pine and Cypress: decorated with all kinds of green wedding, taking pine needles make the bouquet and the central table decoration, fir branches into the jar, decorated with a Holly wreath entrance, are all good ways to create winter jungle fantasy. If you intend to leave the banquet after the honeymoon, a car can also be prepared in advance, also dot the Green wreath above.

white winter wonderland

wants to achieved you of white wedding dream, can with white Orchid River, and snow candy and white candle, aesthetic of elements to dress up wedding, and to better to show white of pure refined, also can in venue placed some ice sculpture and mirror, build out Crystal shiny of effect, while, using several snow styling lens block plate (can light of crenelated template) also will brings unexpected of wonderful atmosphere.

shining gold and silver rays

winter cold stunning contrast of elements can also be more dazzling, and therefore worth weddings designs art deco style shines into a real party. Let the bright gold and silver pavilions at the banquet table, and then set a Champagne cocktail bar, offering several different kinds of drinks, together with relatives and friends for your bright future, cheers!

classic black and white dance

use a lot of black and white classic combination, is an elegant and traditional Western wedding design. Black ball chairs, white linen-lined Black Lace, black glass vases bathroom with white flowers, is the perfect choice for black and white winter wedding. To this classic design a signature drink, the traditional Martini certainly is the best choice.