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Fashion wedding guests seating arrangements desirable wedding excitement

Main table: nowadays most of the wedding of the couple choose the hotel-style, hotel-style wedding, if you schedule a main table, recommended in the first table near the stage, the left side of the channel, on the size of the table is slightly larger, since in order to accommodate the most important guests, but also to highlight the importance of main table.   If the elders of the couple and guests too much, a master table to completely fit, suggestions for VIP placed near the stage direction and VIP seating, to show the VIP attention.

couple sitting in the middle of the table facing everyone, bride and groom sitting in left, left, followed by his mother, father and groom parents elders; right, followed by her father-mother of the bride, parents, elders and sit opposite newcomer families to newcomers as the Center, but witnesses, best man, bridesmaids and guests sit next to the elders.   New cases without seat, the parents of the couple to sit in the center of the main table, in the face of all the guests, the groom's father in father of the bride left, then both mother and elders to sit on a relatively new-father to Center, witness, and guests sat beside the new elders.

VIP seats: City in of new wedding Shang of VIP most for units led or invited of celebrity and so on, recommends new will groom and bride of VIP seats separate, that groom of led, and VIP sat in with, bride of led VIP sat in with, two a VIP seats home equal important of location, such on not let any party has partial leaning, while also convenient their VIP seats of Exchange.

new of friends and students of seating arrangements: new of friends and students should is new most close of "buddies", they not too much to care himself of seat, in age Shang see friends and students should bias young, and also must is wedding Shang most can Active atmosphere of groups, may wish to put they arrangements in banquet District last several table, both let they enjoyed, while also avoid has make wine effect whole wedding of process, this part also including help of staff.

new colleagues, business partners, seat: new colleagues, business partners from the VIP priority, know each other at the same table as far as possible, not familiar with would be required per table placement friends who know to take care of in a timely manner, be polite, Xiao bian recommended you middle them throughout the party area.