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The best choice for the perfect winter wedding planning book details four

Winter wedding decoration

option one: use plain white silk tablecloths, white silk napkins and crystal ornaments from the Center with white roses, all of which form a white fairy tale world.

scenario two: Garnet silk tablecloths, black velvet curtains with dark red carpet, creating a festive atmosphere of the wedding.

three red lanterns, Chinese knots and firecrackers was a very lively cuckoo to decorate your wedding in China.

scenario four: Red Roses, red berries, green pine needles and Red candles together, will allow people to feel the joy of Christmas wedding.

winter wedding invitations

option one: white into fashion's long and narrow shape, bright pure blue ink used to write, is a sparkling winter wedding.

scenario two: select the Ruby color of the highlighter to increase the fun of winter and invitations printed on silver snowflake pattern, and finally into the same Pearl color vellum envelopes.

scenario three: speech written in red ink on white silk, and carefully placed it in sub boxes full of paper snowflakes.

scenario four: put Christmas trees in invitation, and deep red bow tie a small, chic, so that ordinary invitations also has the double Festival celebration.

winter wedding desserts

option one: entirely white cake decorating sugar on snow, and sprinkle with sparkling sugar, creating a atmosphere of a winter wedding.

scenario two: sugar coating the entire cake with chocolate, the Black Forest cake will add color to your wedding.

scenario three: using full color fruit, such as cherries and strawberries decorate not only makes your cake is vibrant, and coveted.

scenario four: chocolate cake, sweet cream ball around to create a soft romantic snow and red berries ornament, simple wedding cakes also sang the Christmas song.

winter wedding planning return

option one: snowballs at little silver mini Pocket as a gift for the guests, guests will love it.

scenario two: prepared a special gift for every guest: in each small glass place card, shake shake shake, snowflake-like bubbles in the bottle will be waving, is blessing enough for guests.

scenario three: hang red lanterns for wedding guests to take home, they can also light the way home.

scenario four: Sleigh bells tied with a piece of paper above couples names and wedding date beautiful labels, is a delight to him.