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Movie wedding music songs recommended

The party started

all music 1.: chanchullo Ruben Gonzalez

reason: this picture from "music summer Bay" CD album of the film, filled with thick Cuban music, feeling very relaxed and unique ... Most suitable for accompanied guests waiting for seat climate.

all music 2.: Amelie from Montmartre

reason: this picture from "Amelie" CD album of the film, music, weird fun, feel like a return to childhood joy.

all music 3.: Bossa Nova Affair 

reason: this one is samba jazz style of music. Pace comfortable light female voice soft.

new entry

music 1.: Wedding March

reason: Classic bow how little music? if you do not salute the Church's new, you can select this "Wedding March", the wedding began in solemn and ceremonious atmosphere

Music 2.: Air on the G string

reason: in addition to these classic Wedding March song, but this Air on the G string  will sound familiar to you, but music is stately and elegant, if you think "Wedding March" tired of hearing friends, consider this piece of music.

music 3.: Mariage d''amour

reason: Richard Clayderman by world renowned pianist played this classic wedding music "dream wedding" is the most appropriate. Elegant melody, rhythm, yet majestic, is a good choice.

wedding ceremony

music 1.: I Believe

reason: a lot of people after he has read the play, madly in love with this theme song. Actor in the movie life, laughs and tears, and spend years time you two overlaps occur, life support and sharing with each other, with this song becomes a lifetime commitment.

Music 2.: Once in a Blue Moon

reason: Japanese drama "With Love"   Once in a Blue Moon version zhuyenafeng to a song on the piano and gave him a loved one as a gift, the scene believe that many people have a deep impression. This beautiful melody, and weekday when toasting the music is a little different, a comparison of alternative choices.

music 3.: My Heart will Go On

reason: the Titanic celebrated global love between men and women in this play, I believe that this song would be a popular choice.

party starts

music 1.: Fly Me to the Moon

reason: this music Medley, it sounds sweet, feel at ease. This version is played in a Jazz way out, yet another flavor.

Music 2.: Dream a Little Dream

reason: starting from Ferrero Rocher, Ms made the audience heard the song will think the actor holding a bouquet of chocolate flowers marriage, actress wearing the wedding dress of chocolate, it is hard to forget. Wedding and how can it be without this song too!

music 3.: Just the Two of Us

reason: seeing songs knew interesting. Rhythm the same light, is for the couple to a relaxing time.

music 4.: Close to you

reason: Karen Carpenter sound unique, her singing this song, all the audience can feel the sweet.

music 5.: The Look of Love

reason: Diana Krall by a new generation of Jazz Queen in her magnetic voice sings this song, make the atmosphere feel Sexy.

music 6.: Just the Way You Are

cause: the same Diana Krall to play this piece of classical music with Jazz music again, yet another flavor.

play newcomers known to fragment as a child

music 1.: Beauty and the Beast

reason: this song does not mean that the groom looks very ugly, but moving melodies, wish the couple can work together to share each other, go bald.

Music 2.: The Prayer

reason: Taiwan singer VS Winnie Hsin Chorus this song, emotion, sound more impressive.

Welcome Guest

music:  Unforgettable

reason: Nat King Cole is also an atmosphere of Unforgettable songs make the whole night.