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10 perfect wedding save money tips

Perfect wedding guide 1  to save money;: decorations minimize, the best choice for areas in need of decoration

it is well known that indoor than outdoor ornamentation decorated mostly flowers, Veil, etc. Suggest that you choose a place where nature is very romantic wedding, such as the gardens, beach and Woods, where natural scenery is beautiful in itself, without too many decorations. So your expenses saved up.

perfect wedding guide 2  to save money;: off-season wedding, low consumption

we all know the off-season buy clothes cheaper than the peak season, off-season wedding, too, than many season to save money. From the location, food to the band might be a lot cheaper. For example: in January or March, July or August are married off season, places, drinks will be on sale. But try to avoid the holiday and a number of traditional festivals.

perfect wedding guide 3  to save money;: Save flowers cost

choose one of your favorite flowers. Florists don't have to worry about arrangements can save you a lot of floral design. And the best selection of seasonal flowers, because it does not affect the appearance, but also more affordable. Flower shop can be avoided, to large wholesale markets for flowers to buy cheaper varieties and more.

perfect wedding save money tips 4: saving on food and beverage

recommend that you choose some new theme restaurants, where you can not only get a very elegant dining environment, but also save money on food.

perfect wedding save money tips 5: go to the wholesale market the wholesale

If you need a lot of drinks and garnishes, you'd better to buy from wholesale stores, a quantity discount. Much cheaper than at the mall to buy back.

perfect wedding save money tips 6: no makeup makeup artist

better hair design room to bridal hairstyle, Hairstylist in at this than economical. Friends, you can choose one of the bridesmaid of bridal makeup, you need makeup in a wedding, your bridesmaids can do it.

perfect wedding save money Guide 7: rent Bridal jewelry

in fact, in some jewelry shops have headgear and jewelry rental, you can go rent your favorite ornaments! offers better value than buying many.

perfect wedding guide to save money 8: abandon traditional veil accessories

abandoning traditional veil, accessories, everyday chic hair clips or Crystal decorative comb your hair. Veil, you can propose it for a short, short veil very chic, and cheaper than long.

perfect wedding guide to save money 9: decorate the cake with fresh flowers

there is a trick, you can prepare the cake for a small, simple ceremony, and decorative flowers with flowers as possible because sugar flower is more expensive than many.

perfect wedding save money Guide 10: popular electronic invitations

with the elders, you just have to buy some simple invitations, decorations, and money also. Your friends you can choose to send an electronic invitation, which saves money and innovative.

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