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Most current wedding gift

romance aromatherapy candles:

choose a romantic scented candles as a wedding gift, is a good choice. The guests to attend the wedding, busy all day, go home and aromatherapy candles, close your eyes and enjoy a romantic fragrance. Mood will soon calm down, feeling fatigue faded a lot. Different scented candles do not have the same effect, Xiao bian recommended new people can choose like Chamomile, rose, lavender and other species, to share your treasures with everyone.

key chain

custom key chains in return also creative, a cute little figure key chain decorated with wedding invitations, then sign your name engraved with the couple, both memorable and beautiful and practical.


ancient Greece people think Crystal ice according to the will of God is turned into stone, due to its crystal clear, transparent, white, appreciate Crystal reminds him of clear mountain spring water, pure, there is no impurities, it is refreshing, more people believe in Crystal hidden in a mysterious force that can bring happiness and health. Angel has been a blessing, protection, implored symbols. So that with this crystal Angel as a wedding gift to invite you and your guests to share the good news and good wishes.

green plants

is very cute and friendly little in return. You are held in the spring of all things wedding? send plants would have been appropriate. Put the tulip bulbs in an egg. Such a delicate gift will let guests have great interest in home grown in pots, carefully watch over you "greeting" open flowers.

vibrant green pot

someone once said, giving the rose, fragrance in hand. In fact, brought a bowl of small plants, it not an intimate thing? small series have always felt that give people flowers and new people, must have been a man living very well. Because playing with flowers will surely teach you breathing in this city the most slow and fascinating rhythm. Several strains of green plants, leads to an afternoon of leisure time.

wedding chopsticks

send chopsticks for marriage is a good beginning, "quick, quick", "pairing" means, I still remember Carina LAU and Tony Leung in Bhutan at the Grand wedding-the wedding gift is sent like chopsticks Oh! the chopsticks + candy him a small gift for favorite new suits of Chinese traditional culture.

cute couple coffee spoons

delicate lovers coffee spoons, with a cute smiley hollow heart. Let your guests will think of you every time the coffee sweet wedding. Also belonging to send you warm thanks to the guests.