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Pretty brides do not make deportment errors

Bridesmaids carry a handkerchief

marriage is excited to leave the days of happy tears of emotion, the bride before the wedding so we must be ready to wipe the tear handkerchief, with bride or bridesmaid. Bride wiped tears when you gently press on the eye, Note If you wipe back and forth, then destroys the eye makeup. Emotional tears the bride not eye makeup is too strong, and keep an eye makeup to avoid embarrassment.

elegant brides how to take off the gloves

wearing a dress and matching gloves must be worn. However, exchanged rings at the ceremony were to take off your gloves. Now gracefully take off the gloves is a focus. When the gloves come off, nails should be toward the front fingers naturally close together and then take the gloves off and gently squeeze the glove fingertips, from the thumb to the little finger in turn took off very well. Took off the gloves in the bride specifically placed where gloves. If there is no dedicated place close to the bride's place, easy to pick up. After the ceremony, wearing gloves to exit. Banquet toast when you can wear gloves, can be picked with a meal.

review of the bride elegant turn

at the wedding, inadvertently when they were called to the people behind, looking like you normally would expect them, this is wrong. Look back at the past, we will show not only sincere, even if the heart is not so, but the movements and facial expressions will show bad state. Unsightly wrinkles appear on the neck, which also turned physical when. Essentials of gentle movements were elegant turn, put a hand behind centerline of the wedding dress, make the yarn to the back and turned in the opposite direction. When I look back, don't just turn the neck, the body turns. Do not dramatically waving her skirt, slowly turn around, keep grace. Panic panic turned to try to avoid.

bride wedding dress

gently lift Central before the wedding, and lifting of height does not affect walking. Hands did not take something, a portable wedding, on the other hand next to help pull the yarn, best cover the feet. Hurry the pace should not appear like a March. Upper body upright shoulders don't follow when walking leg, straight ahead.  Like this to reflect the elegance of the bride will not be tripped over or stepped on by wedding a dirty shame thing, such as wedding.