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Wedding game variety

Top games: feeding cake

specific rules of the game: 3 males and 3 females (or 4 men and 4 women, and so on), 2 rows. Men sit in the front, girls standing behind. Girls to boys put on bibs, cover their eyes, use a spoon to feed boys cakes, fed the fastest is the winner.

Watch for: because girls were blindfolded, and time constraints, the feed to the nose in order to corruption cases make boys face cream, laugh. Are also derived for a straw to feed the fruit Orange, a little more vulgar, with bottles matching nipples to feed the boys drink more and more.

the most simple game: give the password type

specific rules of the game: tongue twisters are basic skills for each professional master of ceremonies, easy operation and wedding games quite widely used. Tongue twisters can be a very simple riff, for example-the hanging at the door knife, knives out. Or it can be a bit more complicated, such as there is now a very popular jokes, Shanghai dialect:--Satay man cocktail table, Satay Satay man back pack, Satay Satay man, Satay man cocktail table.

Watch for: watching others incoherent, frequency noises must be a laughing point.

the best coloring games: Solitaire idioms

specific rules of the game: the MC say good-color four-character idioms, the people behind Solitaire idioms must be pleasing color. Such as the master of ceremonies said: the knot, the people behind the knot: the heart. Say a person out.

read: everybody likes to hear Geely at the wedding, and the game does not need to operate any props, the use of high frequency.

the most human game: what is the song I love

specific rules of the game: put a few words of a song melody or only play the music at the beginning, have guests guess the song name or artist name.

Watch for: this game is set up to take care of the guests in the middle-aged and elderly population. For the older guests to interact, songs are generally set by the revolution, such as "story of spring", "better days", "Saint", and so on. Many guessed the title of elders will simply sang a song on stage. Of course there are some memories to remind new cartoon musical practices, an upgraded version of the groom or the bride herself singing on stage have guests guess the song.  

sunny games: look, drum flower

specific rules of the game: to give guests the opportunity to interact on stage, the couple advance to tie a Red Ribbon on the chair legs, or on a sticker attached to the back of the plate, also a music desk flower in games, the goal is to generate candidates on stage.

look out for: many people are not willing to go, afraid of being pumped to the embarrassment, but now new set of prizes are very rich, iPhone, digital camera, and so on, in order to "broad", has anyone sat down and began to figure out how to come to power. Typically, each table will set a stage.

maximum number of participation game: the wrong game

specific rules of the game: first call a lot of guests came to power, the number can be up to 30-50. MC answered few questions about the couple, such as the new total weight, and so on. There are two options for every question, guests can choose a option to the team, or b option queue. The wrong team were eliminated, until the last prize.

Watch for: this game interesting is that there is always below "the blind advised" guests, and husband and wife, or children and the parents refused to take the same team, won the natural pride at home.

most fun games: natural material I

specific rules of the game: this is the task to complete games, MC will usually prepare some written variety of task notes, came to power by the guests drew lots to determine the play of the game. Guests on stage award-winning, master of ceremonies for the couple to prepare envelopes filled with cash to stimulate participation. Last guests at the top of the game award.

psychological spoof game when many is such a task, such as you are in 1 cup of vinegar and 1 cup selected 1 cup Cola drink, in fact, 2 glasses of Cola and plays with heart. Tasks typically do not select wines, because now a lot of people "drove".

there is like allowing guest access to 5 specific heat in 30 second kiss. Sounds tough, a lot of people lose are not convinced. MC will be next to go at once to a woman or child, let them Kiss 5 in his hand on the spot to show tasks simple.

Watch for: the kinds of tasks, more and more strange, such as allowing guests dancing Hawaii Hula, or imitated Zhou LIBO "piling mold" section and various. Very high performing for the guests, then the game would be really nice.

most wacky games: listening to music

specific rules of the game: first by the master of ceremonies end on a plate filled with all kinds of wacky props, cover a piece of red cloth on the plate. Guests grabbing for each of the same props on the stage, according to the different props, music performances, most winning performances. In General, would arrange for a guest does not get props.

items function as follows:

1. a pliers, plucking your eyebrows: the music playing is the exultant;

2. a scrubbing brush: the music is the joy of scratching;

3. two ham tied together: play music of the nunchaku;

4. Web + a top hat on a roll: the music is of the beach;

5. not get props man: Alex To of the take off.

Watch for: more high is pumped to the nunchaku and the blond boy, the worst of whom was nothing to grab, he had to do it to the music: clothes off, pants off, all off take off ... ...