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New ideas to make your vows more romantic

Warm natural family oath:

If you do not select a church wedding, the couple also ashamed to reveal emotions in front of, then oath can choose a more simple and natural form, is one of the best action. Family wedding, for example, take the bride's hands, came close to her parents and friends, using simple words most sincerely to express willingness to work life vows.

traditional church of the sacred oath:

as the most classic traditional swearing-in ceremony, whether religious, standing, face cross, a priest in the Church and the Bible, with death as the contract made with vows, is the most popular way in the swearing-in ceremony. Avoidance will simplify the nearest church ceremony trends site by the great Church to a small chapel, site layout and more personalized.

oath of American humor:

Add some elements of American humor, and was sworn in an atmosphere of intense. If your thoughts are fashionable avant-garde enough, so might as well pick up a celebrity posters, screen couple, the legendary history of the Clintons, even considered marriage role models parents to bless their marriage with their love, their presence, their stories and the lines, made his own Declaration of love.

fashion creative romantic pledge:

wedding ceremony is the most critical aspect, the highest point is emotional release, while the audience have a very high hope. Fancy you may wish to have some romantic elements, quietly removed the original keep of bridesmaids and flower girls, held mother's hand, petals in hand in person, show true love and life in a colorful laying fragrant and good wishes. The sight is worth million words carved or decorated.

pioneer oath of love video personality:

every year, each season's trends of elements emerged from the runways around the world. If you have made pioneer, LED large screen is absolutely essential. Streams live video or animation clip carefully, even prepared a Grand big stunt scene, played on the spot, stunning and very romantic effect, to your oath ceremony scene of romantic touching, impressive.

oath of the special significance of love:

"I'm a poor talker of the painter, but I would like to use the most exquisite lines and color, outline of eternal love"-love and commitment to work life, often the most difficult to open expression, and often there are many groom chickened out of the case. Shy groom, may wish to use your thinking skills, using a symbol instead of his right, selected that has a special meaning for you, most familiar, and most memorable symbol, borrowing its every move and connotations, was sworn in in good faith within a matter of love.

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