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Wedding items

will use a series of articles in the wedding. Like cars, cakes, invitations, menus, process list, return, and so on.

normally careless, forgetful, and harmless, but crucial moment cannot be off the chain, must-have items of the wedding is the same or less! Took 100% carefully to see whether your wedding items have been provisioned properly?

new dresses: one month before the wedding or earlier is properly prepared, and separate pockets, if you dress up to three sets, tags make a replacement order. First dress at the date of the wedding couple can keep, others need to be replaced at the wedding scene, designate (generally the best man or bridesmaid) in storage.

bride's shoes: a month or two before the wedding is ready, free try at home several times, so as to avoid the wedding day wear new shoes are not used for the first time. In addition, if the dress wedding dress skirt long should also be wearing new shoes to walk on at home to ensure the wedding day keep your manners.

marriage license: six months or three months before the wedding preparations, and witnesses familiar with the content in advance, and referred to the best man on Wedding Eve for safekeeping.

wedding rings: one month before the wedding or earlier is properly prepared, Wedding Eve referred to the best man keep and prepare rings the tray, in a wedding ceremony, best man will be handed over to the ring rings and rings the tray child, entrusted by him to the new oath of Office.

Bridal Jewelry: a month before the wedding preparations, with dress and matching appropriate, referred to the bridesmaids on Wedding Eve for safekeeping.

bridal packages and makeup boxes: one month before the wedding is ready.

wedding invitations: should be issued a month before the wedding or earlier, and confirmed two weeks before the wedding mainly relatives and friends are able to be present.

sweet: buy packaged candy, 2 weeks before the wedding book, and verify the quantity and delivery time; if they packaged candy, you need 1 month in advance or even earlier began making candy box, and pay attention to candy fresh.

Hi: a month before the wedding is ready.

flowers: two weeks before the wedding to determine style of bridal bouquets and wedding arrangements the number of flowers and, for ensuring flower freshness date, extract a day in advance.

cake: a week before the wedding cake shop book, if the cake style complex, earlier.

wedding table cards, welcome cards, photos, posters: completed two weeks before the wedding.

candle holders, Ribbon: a month before the wedding is ready.

signed, pen: before the wedding or after two earlier ready pen to write, and prepare some more spare.

alcohol, tobacco, tea, beverages: married a month before final confirmation, and part of the surplus for a rainy day.

return: Open guest memory keys. In fact, return is not necessarily sweet, or objects that are full of small surprises, such as a lottery, a jar of honey, a new hand-made gifts are all good choices.

alcohol: wedding boisterous guests warm toast, if concrete drank estimates couldn't issue on the stands. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare two empty wine bottle of mineral water, and negotiate with the groomsmen bridesmaids block wine strategy prepared.

the wedding day, a day trip is jam-packed, newcomer nor decent meals, prepared food for groomsmen the bridesmaids wear better than hungry.

groom prepared red no less, who should give, how much, in advance there is a spectrum, but you can successfully receive your bride's big problem Oh.